Life Before Death

“The great spiritual question is not, ‘Is there life after death?’ but is, ‘Is there life before death?'” – Anonymous

To live is to not only acknowledge but to take peaceful action.
Live a life with attention to God and for the good of others.
In other words,
you push me and I will pull you.
We counter each other.
Nature is the perfect example of what I write.
The wind blows and the trees sway,
for if the trees push while the wind also pushes then they show resistance to force.
Thus, they face the natural consequence of breaking a limb.
Some would say that the trees would do well to resist;
but to what purpose?
To drive out the consciousness of God through resistance and agitation?
Who’s agenda is being worked with that ignorance?
Oh, don’t you see?
The wind and the trees work in perfect harmony with the community of the world;
praying through their movement;
dancing with one another;
bringing creation to life.
All the while, the wind helping the trees take a new shape with their outter appearance;
while strengthening their untouched godly core.
They are not enemies but partners in life and thereafter.
As you may know, the inner and outer appearance are truly, truly the same.
We only name them to express wonder and existence.