Miraculous Visit from Heaven

visit from heaven

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” – Hebrews 1:14

Good day to you!

Today I would like to share an experience I had about a week ago.

First, I would like to explain that my eleven year old indoors cat, Baylee, got out over the Christmas holiday.  He’s never been outside since we moved to this house.  We were rather scared to find that he not only got out but that we couldn’t find him anywhere around the property.  It felt like finding a needle in a haystack, so to speak, since we have no fences and live on a fairly decent sized lot (5 acres) with a forest conservation park surrounding our property.  Normally, we wouldn’t fret too much because he has been outside before and came home straight away.  This time however, we were thinking about the wild animals that lurk in the part of the country that we reside.  What mainly worried us are the wild dogs–coyotes and foxes.

After the initial shock of losing an animal passed (took awhile), I then started thinking about what on earth Baylee would eat while out in the wild.  It did occur to me that Baylee was actually a very fine hunter having been raised by feral cats from birth to six months of life.  Still, being the worried mother I was, I was quite lost.

The only thing I could think to do was contact local shelters, vets and neighbors to keep their eyes out for him.

He is quite a beauty, very dark chocolate brown, often mistaken for being a black cat.  His eyes are none other than a bright hue of green–similar to that of the pulp of an avocado.

After I preformed the task of putting the word out that our cat was missing, I reached out to God.  I asked God to please protect my dear Baylee while he lives in the wilderness, all alone and fending for himself.  As always when reaching out to my Holy Father, I felt a tingling touch of acknowledgement.  Kinda like a hug.

Months had passed by, and several bitter snowstorm, yet no sign of Baylee.  Well, other than the sound of his meow in the early morning, which caused me to wake briskly out of slumber to check if he happened to be in the house somewhere.  I swore I felt and heard him nearby.  I even ventured outside in the frosty weather to search the perimeter for him.  I figured he would be easily spotted in the white snowy landscape, being so very dark in color.  This meowing occurrence happened about once every couple of weeks.  Always, always waking me from my dreams around three in the morning.

This of course ended once I had a visit.  A visit from a very remarkable heavenly spirit.  She awoke me one night in late March of 2015.  She was one of the most beautiful beings I have ever laid eyes on.  She was a little girl the color of the moon.  She had a long dress on and ringlets for hair that reached down to her elbows.  She wasn’t particularly tall.  From the looks of it, I would have assumed she were a child only reaching up to about four feet in height.  She had such a loving nature to her.  I felt like I knew her somehow, somewhere.  Maybe in a past life or up in Heaven.

I gazed at her for only seconds before she dissipated.  She disappeared from my sight rather fast but not before planting her name in my thoughts.  Elizabeth.  Such a fitting name for such a sweet being.  After she disappeared from sight, she also planted the idea to go to my front porch as my cat would be sitting there.  I desperately wrestled out of bed, throwing the sheets to the ground and fumbling for my wool slippers.  Heading to front door, out of instinct I reached for the hallway light switch but something inside me resisted the urge.  I gazed outside through our window-plated door, regardless of it being a new moon, it was strangely bright and very clear outside.  Especially strange since our house is far away from the city lights.  The stars must have shun very bright that night.  I could make out most of our front yard and some of our neighbors field.

In any regards, I couldn’t make out much on the front porch other than the cathouse I had placed on the porch in the hopes that it would entice Baylee’s return.  Out of curiosity and partly out of due diligence, I reached for the light switch and turned on the front porch light.  And what do you know, Baylee was sitting right smack dab in the middle of our door mat.  I could sense that he was frightened by his glances here and there, seemingly watching out for dangers that lurk.

My heart fell into my stomach once my eyes met his.  As I swung open the door, the sound of jingles rang through the house from the bells that were hanging on the door knob.  Immediately as I opened the door, Baylee raced from the porch to the other side of the driveway as fast as his legs could carry him, hiding in the shadows of the early morning.  I would imagine he did this mostly from the shock of the bells ringing in his ears.

I called out to him with as calm of a voice as a person can whom had just seen an animal that they thought was lost forever and ever.  I walked to the driveway and sat down on the cold cement.  Calling for Baylee all the while,  “Baylee, come here kitty.”  All I heard was silence and the sound of my own breath.  My heart sank even more as I thought that I had lost him all over again.

Well, that is until I heard a very timid meow from darkness by the garage.  The meow got louder and louder and LOUDER.  Until, finally, Baylee was two feet away from me.  He circled me, breathing in my scent.  Reassuring himself that, yes, indeed this person is my mom.  He climbed into my lap and I cried.  I cried out of happiness and joy.  I can recall saying, “Thank you, thank you, dear God for your protection and this miraculous visit I had just witnessed”.  It is very hard to put to words the exact feelings I was having at that moment.  Pure joy, grace and love all rolled into one and baked to perfection, I suppose.

After a few minutes of taking in everything that just had happened, I quickly got up and carried him inside.  Telling him all the while how much we have missed him over the last three and a half months.  You could say that I was being a Chatty Cathy with him, believing that he could understanding every word that I spoke.

I caressed his very cold and soft fur for what seemed like hours before putting my head to the pillow for a good rest.  Baylee was quite content to be back home.  I could sense it.  Quite content would be an understatement for what I was feeling.  🙂

One more thing to add, as I was heading to the bed for that good rest, I turned around and saw a golden-white swirly ball floating at the end of my bed.  It zoomed at a blurring speed from the end of the bed to right next to me, before disappearing and leaving a tingling touch on my back.

I was immediately reminded of the protection I asked God for when Baylee first disappeared in late December of 2014.  I sent off a heartfelt thank to God and fell asleep in state of gratitude and belief that the swirly golden ball was Baylee’s protector.

How could I not share this story with all you amazing readers?  It was a miracle in my eyes.  One that I will never forget.  God is grand and will help those who believe as they will inherit salvation.



Easter Query

“Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 10:32-33

Hi Fellow WordPress Bloggers!

I know I am a week early on posting this for Easter but I wanted to contemplate over this for more than just a day.  I wanted to give myself a good week to really absorb what was given to me.

I asked God to help me write an Easter query.  One that might help people see the light in even the most dark of moments.  Whether people are in the light or dark, I believe that the Lord is filled with amazing grace that He freely gives.  This belief help me surrender to His love and mercy.  As such, I’ve writing down what came to mind after asking Him for His help:

Quietly Torn
These days are filled with sorrow.
Will you borrow your heart’s eyes?
Will there be temptation in your mind?
How must we think of ways?
Ways to resist the temptation.
Temptation to do what is not seen through our heart’s eyes.
Are there not people out there that give ways.
Ways to demonstrate truth and courage.
But deny in the end.
How can the human race give way?

What is needed from me to pursue the type of vigilance that is needed to give way to truth and courage alone?

Thank you, God, for your amazing grace and support.  I will answer this query after I have some time to contemplate over it.