Outer and Inner Community

inner wisdom

“This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.” – Hebrews 6:19

Hello my beautiful soul healing family,

Over the past couple of days I have been getting signs to share about outside and inside community. Outside being defined as this group, our faith communities, families and friends. Inside community being our thoughts and our inner knowings–our true self.

Let us give hope that in our communities we learn to work with others and give service; find ways to give and receive love from one another. We give action to our words. We give action to our thoughts. Our thoughts have power. They can make our actions debilitating or miraculous. We have the power over our thoughts. Just as we have the power to make change in our communities we also have the power to change our thoughts, especially if they are debilitating. By honoring our positive thoughts by bringing them to the surface and giving them voice, through words or by leading by example, we are attuning ourselves to greatness.

This greatness helps to remove blocks that are associated with not being able to connect with our spiritual side (which I consider a 1/3 of whom we are). If we blocked off from connecting to our spiritual side then how can we expect to be able to heal?

So, first, we must consider how can we take account of our thoughts and actions to heal? By taking a daily inventory of our interactions through the day. I do this at day’s end. I write my experiences in my journal. If I hear words or thoughts throughout that day that did not come from a place of love then I take note of it. I then either let those words of opposition go, speak my condition with love (if they are others’ words or actions), or apologize for my own not so loving words or actions (even the actions or words that were not intended to be not so loving). I do this to raise everyone’s state of being to be in harmony. This helps to remind me that we are all individual souls living in unity.

Clean thoughts and actions make us prime instrument to work in the spirit world, enabling us to reach higher realms where our loved ones rest. And through all of this we will get a better sense of whom we are and what our soul purpose is in this life; whether that be to give service, witness God, be a truth teller, etc. We all have the ability to be mystics, psychics, whatever word suits you; in my experience, elite statures are false in nature and cannot exist in the presence of Love.

And yet all of us have different capacities of gifts that we offer to the world. I believe these capacities vary and can be capped off by the obstacles we setup. So, how do we uncap our gifts. By making a connection with God through prayer, meditation and serving our community. It takes consistancy and energy to manifest everything physical, mental and spiritual that is needed to break down those obstacles that block us from being whom our Maker intended us to be. And be persistent. I have often asked successful people (not just monetary successful people) how they attained the life they live. They always say through persistence.

It is through the love we witness in our outer and inner communities that will bind us to the truth and give us freedom to know the spirit world as we should–our home that is always within reach.

With Love,