confess sins

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” – 1 John 1:9

A heartfelt welcome to you!

I absolutely love the moments when God inspires me to write. I feel so very fortunate to be able to share my stories and revelations on here. I also feel blessed to have positive and cheerful greetings from everyone I come into contact with through this blog.

In my last post, Guidance from Above – When to Unbuild Reluctancy with Self-Examination, I wrote how God pulled me over so I could make time to work on ME. I believe that He did this out of love.

As I am going through self-discovery, I have become aware of memories that surface that cause me to sit uneasy. I’ve most recently discovered that these memories bring about not only emotional pain but also physical pain. I never thought the two went together until just recently.  There’s a reason for the suffering that occurs with these memories.  It’s an alarm that God helped me set to tell me, “Hey, this memory is important.  Pay close attention!”

Guess what else? Jesus is right by my side to witness these memories with me.  It feels like He knows I need Him to be there so I can confess my memories–my sins. He is there to support me so I can become aware of my wrong doing.  Essentially, these memories that arise are sins that need to be eradicated from my soul.

I sit without resistance as Jesus shows me how to repent.

The following is what He showed me and I experienced…

First, a memory surfaces that caused me a lot of embarrassment and anguish. A memory that may have been displaced for years. Believe me when I say, I really don’t want to deal with it. However, Jesus shows me through sensations and thoughts that I have to push forward as it surfaced for a reason. So, instead of reaching for food, alcohol or some other addiction–like gossip–I sit quietly and suffer through the pains. I asked Jesus to sit close to me while I go through this.

Just this weekend I had an awful memory surface. I felt the physical pain of the memory. It was a burning sensation in my chest. I closed my eyes and I saw the vision of what had surfaced. Jesus was close to me. I could feel His loving and supportive Presence. This memory that was displaying in my mind was something that I was not proud to re-witness. As I felt the sensations that were attached to this memory, I asked God to forgive me. I pleaded that He would forgive me.

After my plead, I cried. ALOT. In the midst of my crying, I felt a touch that caused me to shiver. I couldn’t see anyone but I felt Jesus around me. I felt relief from the burning sensation and a sense of protection and calm after “confessing my sins” and asking for forgiveness.

Today, looking back at what happened this weekend, I can say that I do not remember the memory that caused me so much pain to confess. It is like it was plucked, or rather released out of my mind.  I feel healed.  I feel purified.  What does all of this mean to me?

A chance for soul progression.

Do you take the time to confess your sins to God when painful memories surface? Do you also take the time to feel the emotions and physical pain that accompanies these memories?

I would love to hear your stories and how you release these memories.

With Love,

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