September Prayer for Peace

candel with Jesus

“Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light, but when it is unhealthy, your body is full of darkness.” – Luke 11:34

Glory be to God and in His restitution for all,

Below is the Prayer for Peace that God showed me:

Open to us, Lord, your great Door, O Fountain of all mercy, hear our prayer and have mercy on our souls.
Lord of the morning and ruler of all seasons, hear our prayer and have mercy on our souls.
Shine upon me, Lord, and I shall be Light like the day. I will sing your praise in Light while I marvel. May the morning awaken me to the praise of your Godhead and I will pursue the study of your Word all the day long.
With the day may your Light shine on our thoughts and may it drive away the shadows of error from our souls.
The creation is full of Light, give Light also to our hearts that they may praise you with the day and the night.
Rise up, O children of Light, and let us give glory to the Lord who alone can save our souls.
O Lord, as you withdraw sleep from the eyes of our body, grant us wakefulness of mind so that we may stand before you in awe and sing your praises worthily. – Syrian Orthodox Prayer

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