Yesterday is in the Past


“I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then.”-Lewis Carroll

I’ve learned that I have to trust God in order to overcome my past mistakes. I also have to trust that I can help in my wholehearted growth by consistently developing my emotional intelligence. I used to think that I had a well-developed emotional intelligence.  Although, I never really managed my emotions, I just hide them inside and tried to comfort them with outside influences. To me, emotions are born from judgment and thrive off of a response. Somehow, food became my response to all of my emotions—when I was happy I ate ice cream, sad I ate cookies, mad I ate peanut butter, depressed I ate pasta and so on—which was an irrational response. I now respond to my emotions by acting and not eating.

I overcame the emotional eating habits that I had developed by writing down my past emotions and sharing them with another person. I now re-evaluate my emotional inventory and promptly admit my mistakes to another person daily. What am I feeling? Why? Where was I hurt? What was my part?

I am finding that God holds on tighter after I share my thoughts and feelings.  Thus, I know that I am not alone.  God has given me the gift to accept and release everything that I was trying to escape.

This is how I left yesterday in the past and started immersing myself in the present.

How have you left yesterday in the past?

May happiness be with you,



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