Who Am I?

who am i

“What a liberation to realize that the ‘voice in my head’ is not who I am. ‘Who am I, then?’ The one who sees that.”-Eckhart Tolle

Who am I?

How do I know who I really am?

Short answer: Self-examination.

Long answer:The word self-examination always makes me think about how I need to let my life speak to me. Where I am in life and what I am doing is a sure sign of how I have lived and who I am now. I am not talking about worrying about or analyzing my necessities of living as I know I have a Higher Power that will “feed” me graciously. What I am talking about is what my life says to me. My Higher Power gave me freedom to think for a reason and I’m going to take advantage of that freedom. So, when I think about what my life says to me, I often think about a story. The story of Brooke. A story that is constantly altered in every moment I experience; giving me a sense of self and why I behave the way I do.

Why do I behave the way I do? Well, there have been studies done on what our lives say about us and professionals have come to find and believe that our personalities are made up of different layers–basic character, values and goals, and the story we tell about our lives. My personality makes me an individual, but at the same time my personality is interconnected with everyone in this glorious world; a web of individuals that make our community on Earth. We each have a choice to change ourselves and Earth, if we are wanting and willing.

If I feel the need to self-examine my life and how it speaks to me–which I do on a daily basis–then I ask, “What is my reality? What..is…MY…truth? What is my authentic self?” I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths while I affirm these questions in my mind.  I then answer with, “My authentic self is….lonely/sad/angry/afraid/happy/in love with my job/etc”.  My next question to myself, “What should…no…what needs to be done?” Ultimately, helping me become more aware of myself.

I trust in myself and my Inner Light. By self-examining myself, I am able to listen to others, notice behaviors and listen to my intuition.

Thank you for reading.



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