Treating my Precious Body with Care

body with care

“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” -Buddha

What did I give up to treat my body with care?

Firstly,  I gave up the absence of blessings at mealtime.  We give thanks for our meals every day now.  We did that every day growing up too, but since I moved out of my parents house (ages ago) it seemed to be lost in translation.  I am glad to have given up that absence.  It helps make the mealtime ritual a time of honor for family, friends and God.  The time we spend at the dinner table has made my family more vulnerable, affectionate and caring.  My life seems easier all around as we set aside some time to make true connections without toys, computers, TVs, etc.  We even started setting the table with flowers and candles to help emphasize our gratitude for our time together and a wonderful meal.

Secondly, I gave up what I call “ugly food”.  You know, that food you get from a fastfood joint; it’s pre-heated/cooked, covered in grease, mushy, dull, and just plain blah!  My current food options are aromatic, colorful, fresh and divine.  I love my food now.  It beautiful to look at as well as makes me happy to eat.  It fuels my body and allows me to live out my passions.

Thirdly, I gave up blocking my feelings with food.  I now sit with my feelings rather than run from them with sugary treat in hand.  I no longer fear being hunger, angry, lonely or tired.  I absorb the feelings trying not to lash out or blame others in the process.

Lastly, (but not everything I gave up) I gave up mindless eating.  I no longer plow through a meal like I haven’t eaten in days.  I take time to admire my food; take in the colors, aromas, textures, sounds and temperatures.  Essentially, really appreciate it with all my five senses.  I am able to experience my food more intensely by being mindful while I eat.  I try not to think of anything else besides my food at our dinner table.  If someone is talking to me then I set my fork down and chat with them.  Once our conversation is over then I resume savoring my food.  If I can’t get something out of my head then I try to resolve that issue before taking another bite.

Overall, I paid for my fleeting moments of mistreating my body with my health, friends and family.  A way bigger price than what I had to pay for treating my body with care.  Those fleeting moments are worth living without in my eyes.  I cherish my health, family and friends too much to go back to that greedy lifestyle I once lived.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my health because it is intangible and priceless.

Thank you for reading.

Have a beautiful Sunday,



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