Spiritual Awareness and Support

spiritual awareness

“What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”-Albert Pine

The discipline of prayer and meditation has brought me closer to my Higher Power. Now that I pray and meditate on a daily basis I am able to see Him everywhere; I see Him in the trees, clouds, birds, my children, my neighbor—I could go on and on. I practice prayer and meditation at least twice a day; an hour in the morning and an hour at night. There are times I even practice it throughout the day considering that I need God to bring clarity to difficult situations. Prayer and meditation helps hone my spirit, mind and emotion. By practicing these disciplines, I am able to live a simple life free from unnecessary elements.

This is what I strive for in the morning and night during my hour of devotion:


1) I thank my Divine Being.

2) I ask God to direct my thinking and that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonesty and self-seeking motives.

3) I ask my Higher Power for inspiration.

4) I ask Him to show me throughout the day what to do next; free from self-will and requests of selfish needs (unless others will be helped by it).

5) I journal to clarify my thoughts and emotions.

6) I conclude by practicing deep thinking (reflection) for at least 20 minutes by sitting still, dancing to music or walking mindfully. Some people ask, “Are you not supposed to always sit still while you meditate?” I tell them that the spiritual act of movement helps circulate the blood through my body; improving oxygen flow, cell growth, organ function, skin tone and brain function (keeping my mind focused and sharp). These simple acts of reflection empower me to tune in and welcome my Divine Being with open arms for a warm embrace.


1) I thank my Divine Being.

2) I ask for forgiveness if I was resentful, fearful or selfish.

3) I ask my Higher Power for the knowledge to complete Step Ten, when needed.

3) I ask God to help me to be kind.

4) I ask Him to make me useful to others.

5) I ask Him to use me to channel peace, love, forgiveness, harmony, truth, faith, hope, light, joy, comfort and compassion.

6) I journal to clarify my thoughts and emotions.

7) I conclude by practicing deep thinking (reflection) for at least 20 minutes by sitting still, dancing to music or walking mindfully.

If I give myself time for devotion every day then I count myself blessed.

Meditation and prayer drives me to look deep inside my being. By looking deep, I am able to awaken. It is in the act of awakening that I find the longing to venture outside my little world to welcome the flow of life. This is my path to freedom. Together with repetition and small actions I will be able to stay open, awake and aware in a brisk world. These are the small actions that help me:

1) Connecting with nature by being conscious of my five senses; feeling the wind on my face, smelling fresh and crisp air, seeing and hearing wildlife lurk, and touching dirt with my bare hands.

2) Giving and showing love, not just to others but also to myself, by channeling gentle and tender thoughts and feelings.

3) Accepting everything, even those events that I most resist.

4) Letting my creativity flow; drawing, writing, singing, painting and dancing.

5) Putting everything down, relaxing and sitting still—even for a moment.

6) Living my life in metaphors; (1) I find renewal and rebirth just as a caterpillar does, by enduring the time it takes to metamorphose into a colorful, yet delicate, creature that is able to fly through the next phase in life. (2) My life is filled with many seasons just as in the months of the year—spring brings whispering hope, summer brings abundant love, fall brings fruitful devotion and winter brings dense perseverance—and I find appreciation in all the changes for they offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

It is in these actions that I am able to live everyday like it is a new life.

As you may know, my actions define me as they are the foundation of my life. I own my actions just as I own my car, the bed I sleep in, or the clothes on my back. Be that as it may, I can’t dispose of them and recover. My actions are fused to me like a strong chemical bond between atoms in a molecule; I share and transfer the consequences of my actions in every atom of my being. Trying to separate myself from my actions would morph me into a thing of decay, like rusty metal, and rip my being apart by causing a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual reaction. Some might say this type of separation is similar to a chemical reaction. In essence, I now strive for actions that bring good and not harm in order to promote the welfare of others and avoid later unfortunate reactions. I look to my inner values and beliefs, friends, family, and my Higher Power when I am deciding what action to take. I am able to harbor the fundamentals it takes to be consistence with what I say by being aware and having time to reflect.

I am aware of the moral commitment I made when deciding to live wholeheartedly, in that I would learn from a friend and later help other children of God. In my moments of reflection, I’ve come to realize that no one forces me to do this action called support. I want and need to give support as it is beneficial to my recovery from corrupt influences; such as selfishness, self-loathing, dishonesty, pride, greed, anger, delusion, etc. Everything I’ve learned about wholeheartedness was given to me freely by my friend. She guided me by leading by example as she has honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, compassion, love, perseverance, spiritual awareness and support; along with the ability to show appreciation, acceptance and forgiveness. She freely gave all these gifts to me, in turn, I will freely give them to you.

What are your thoughts on spiritual awareness and service?

Thank you for reading.

Happy Friday,



2 thoughts on “Spiritual Awareness and Support

  1. What a lovely piece. Reading it alone brings an air of refreshing relief to the mind and body. I love the fact that you acknowledge God in your moment of rejuvenation. God is really the ultimate

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