Routines: What Are They Good For?


“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”-John Lennon

I’ve found my routines to be indispensable in my life.  If I find a moment that I question my routines then I ask myself, “Why do I need them?” In that event, I think of these reasons:

my routines…

1) give me a sense of security.
2) develop my self-discipline.
3) help manage my anxiety of the unknown.
4) help me to handle change as it is expected and occurred within relation to my routines.
5) give me the ability to cope.
6) give me structure.
7)  teach me how to incorporate constructive habits; like organizing my life, accomplishing unpleasant tasks and caring for myself.
8)  help me to develop the height of my expression by working within specific rules.
9)  make my life easier and cozier.
10) eliminate power struggles–especially with myself.
11) lift my cooperation by deflating stress.
12) teach me how to take charge of my own activities.
13)  teach me to look forward to things I enjoy.
14) help me to sleep easier at night.
15) help me develop connections with others.
16) help me to maintain consistency with my expectations.
17) help me to persevere in difficult events.

In the beginning, my routines were a set schedule that I learned to master over time.  Now, they are not just a schedule but a way of life that has helped all of my family live happier and healthier.

Please read this article to learn more about the daily routines of geniuses:

Thank you for reading.

Happy Saturday,


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