Reaching out: A path to wholeness

reaching out

“Never reach out your hand unless you’re willing to extend an arm.”-Pope Paul VI

Exploring, discovering and surviving are my primal instincts.  I do not follow these instincts aimlessly.  I use my intuition (God), and listen/share my experience, strengths and hopes with others as humans are a creature of affiliation.  I need others’ help to explore and discover my flow among a greater purpose.  In isolation, I almost perished by focusing on the past and future.  I would turn against myself, hiding and dying a little every day.  The point of sharing, is not to have all the answers, but to be able to live today in chaos and uncertainty with serenity.

It is with serenity that I find my weakest link.  Together with serenity, I am able to reach out and aid that weak link.  It is in the act of aiding that I find my unique experience/strength/hope, yet, similarities that bind me to the human race.  I must accept that I can get through anything–just for today–with the help of others.  This acceptance will help everyone move in the same direction.  I know that I am not alone on this journey.  Living in the now has enabled me to look up and see–not through–others that walk this path to wholeness.  Together, we can work for a common good.  Similar to that of a colony.  For instance, Emperor penguins huddle together on cold days to greatly reduce the energy required to stay warm.

By working towards a common good (one day at a time), I am not only healing myself but adding to the path of wholeness.

When I find myself on a path of least resistance and in the position to help another, then I do it.  I’ve found–collectively with others–that very wholeness that many hopelessly search for as individuals.

Now, I look around me and notice who I see, and I ask, “Can you help me?” or “Do you need help?”

This is how I reach out and add to the path of wholeness.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Wednesday,



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