Processed Food vs. God

Set with fast food products

“Research has shown that even small amounts of processed food alter the chemical balance in our brain and cause negative mood swings along with noticeable dips in energy.”-Marilu Henner

I am a completely different person than who I was a year ago.  Not only was I 40 pounds heavier, but I was also a ball of stress with little empathy for anyone.  I would often judge and criticize others for their lack of knowledge or if they asked “stupid questions”; one might have called me uppity or just a plain b!@%h.  Now, I just relax, let people live their lives, be of service and go with the flow.  In order for me to do that I have to stay away from processed food;  they are like drugs to me.  Those drugs take me away from my Divine Being, my family, my friends and myself.

So, how do I handle being around processed food?  It’s just not my food–just as the cat food, bird food, dog food or fish food is not my food–processed food is not my food.  Processed and refined food is not real food and it’s definitely not whole food.  Today, I went to the grocery store and all the items I purchased were whole foods (unprocessed and unrefined, straight from nature/God to my fridge/pantry/counter).  I call it godly/angelic food.  God was pulling at me and guiding me through that grocery store.  It felt good to buy whole, clean, and organic food.  When I eat angelic food I feel my connection with my Inner Light getting stronger.

Well, I walked out of that store with less stress and more appreciation for life.  I was at peace and truly happy.  I wanted to sing at the top of my lungs (the Disney girl inside of me) and do a hop jig (kinda like that dance scene in Titanic with the 3rd class party)…daydreaming…and then I noticed people were staring at me.  They smiled.  I smiled.  I’m sure they know I am in a good place.

I am in a good place for the reason that I believe that my life is guided by my Higher Power.  I know that my life will always be a work in progress.  Overall, I used processed food to compensate for a lack of relationship with my Divine Being, family, friends and my community; I used the free will that God gave me to isolate myself and spew fear.

Now, I pray everyday and hand my fears over to God.  I get out and spend time with my community.  I give service to those in need.  As such, I am able to live a very stable and joyous life.  No more judging, criticizing or gossiping.  No more obesity, emotional distress that lasts for weeks/months/years, and no more physical pain.  Plus, I think I found a group of folks whom beliefs align with mine.  So grateful.

I know that this is where God truly wants meto be.  He loves me just the way I am now.

All I have is this moment and I now find time to relish in it.



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