Panoramic Focus


“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”-Aristotle

Today one of my readers told me how unhappy she is in her marriage. She just doesn’t feel like her husband considers her feelings before he makes decisions. So, this post is for you and all the others that want to learn about “panoramic focus”.

This morning my husband was taking a panoramic picture of our bedroom, our boys and me. He was just fooling around with his new phone. However, it got me thinking about how I learned to focus on ideas/decisions and what they are really worth. I do this by taking in the whole picture and not just a detailed close-up.

So, when did I learn about panoramic focus? Well, when I was hiking one morning. I reached the top of a mountain and looked out at the towns, farmlands, rivers, woodlands and roadways–life stirring–and I took in everything.. My vision blurred a little bit, but I saw every beautiful thing.  There seemed to be an order, or a symmetry, as if it were all planned out.  It was as if that moment were given to me to see a plan. I tend to not to see the plans of life when studying parts of it close up. The close-up view tends to include love and fear (pettiness, bitterness, struggle, conflict, inequalities, ugliness, affection, pleasure, etc.).  However, when I look at the greater picture, I am able to see the quality of timeless existence. The only visible motion I see is slow (as if no one were in a hurry) and the points are often blurred. The pain, fear and love–which are there–are smudged by distance. You know what the most important thing that I can see from there?  That our world is magnificent.

Our magnificent world enables me to see life more clearly by looking beyond my focal point and fuzzing the close and sharp edges of life. During the moments that I do see clearly, I feel a tingling of peace with triumph settle in my being. That’s when I know I’ve arrived where I need to be.

My friend, when you find yourself unhappy, please look at the panoramic view.  Take it all in, the good and the bad, and you will find your answer.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Thursday,



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