One Day at a Time


“The best thing about the future is it comes one day at a time.”-Abraham Lincoln

The summer solstice is today in the northern hemisphere; also known as the longest day of the year.  Dusk will creep its way in at 9 or 10pm tonight bringing with it the darkest stage of twilight.  Until that happens, I get to do everything I enjoy in a day but just a little longer; bask in the sunlight, hear the birds chirp, play with my children (they don’t like to go to sleep when it’s still light out), draw, dance, exercise, clean, meditate, pray, etc.

Even though today will be lit for a few hours longer, I know that when the sun does set, the day is finished and my challenges are complete, that I will not be finished with recovery.  I find peace in accepting that very fact as I work one day at a time.  Working one day at a time brings me a little closer to where I dream to be.

How did I start working one day at a time?  By including activities in my day that keep me comfortable yet add a slight challenge.  A perfect example of this would be exercise.  I started out with walking and now I have broaden my exercise routine to ballet, pilates, yoga and dance; activities I now long to do.

In addition to activities, my intuition has helped me to live one day at a time.  I heard my intuition calling for me from the inside, whispering, “Enjoy life as it is now.”  I was scared of this guidance as I was afraid to give up my will.  I always tried to plan out everything and the prospect of enjoying life as it is now seemed uncontrolled.  At that thought–all at once–I analyzed my life and discovered that it was not controlled, actually, it was unmanaged.  Thus, I took that leap of faith by listening to my inner voice and hung up that “Under New Management” banner over my life.  Appropriately, I am now living my passions out one day at a time with more passions flourish every day (more than I could have ever imagined).

These passions have led me to believe that I am a part of a never-ending story.  The story of life didn’t start with me and nor will it end with me.  What I have to focus on is taking a step forward one moment at a time.  It is in this moment that I find time to better myself and the world around me.  This moment, my world, and I won’t last forever.  I need to savor moments by enjoying all my five senses and my existence.

I’ve realized through living in the moment that I no longer need to micromanage my life.  I can look around this journey called life and map out a direction that I long to follow, with little to no details.  I trust God’s guidance as I am exactly where I need to be now.

For today, I am honest, willing, inspired, worthy and composed.

Thank you for reading.



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