“Miracles do not, in fact, break the laws of nature.”-C. S. Lewis

Today I would like to discuss miracles.

I believe in miracles as I see them all around me every day. I am able to see these miracles because I go with the flow, try not to rush anything/anyone, write out my gratitude list and no longer live on only my schedule. Today, I experienced and savored many miracles. One that stood out to me was the miracle of nature. I have a garden and several of my plants were harmed by a wind storm. They were bent over and stems half broken so I discarded them in my compost pile, soil and all, a few weeks ago. This morning I went to my compost to dispose of some kitchen waste where I found those broken and discarded plants thriving and producing vegetables! A complete miracle in my eyes since the stem of the plant looked dead and gray. I took this miracle as a sign and an opportunity to change. I changed by vowing to not give up anything or anyone. I am not doing anyone/anything justice by discarding merely for the reason that someone/something appears broken or damaged. It was in that change I became more aware of God’s presence; feeling his tingling touch as I gave gratitude for seeing this miracle. He has helped me to realize that believing in miracles will help lead me to a fruitful destiny.

I don’t know what my destiny holds, but I do know that it entails a life with God, my tools of life and freedom to live wholeheartedly. I was broken before becoming wholehearted. In the past, I was obsessive and  I didn’t care about anything else, let alone the miracle of my plants surviving against all odds. I would have never cared to have seen the miracle of nature that I witnessed—or the environment, having a compost pile or growing my own vegetables—as I wouldn’t allow myself the time or energy.  My tools of life have helped me to find the miracle and gratitude in everything as I am living in the moment. I was a seeker of hate, deceit, discord, error, doubt, despair, shadows, sadness and tragedy. Now I am a seeker of love, forgiveness, harmony, truth, faith, hope, light, joy and miracles. My tools of life are a miracle to me because they have helped me to pursue my passions. Thus, changing my life from tragedy to miracle.

What changed your life from tragedy to miracle? What miracle have you experienced and savored today?

Thank you for reading.

Happy Saturday,



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