Love and Perseverance


“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”-John Quincy Adams

I found harmony by not resisting my life as it is and taking responsibility for my choices. In step nine, I contemplating what really mattered most in my life. I knew that contacting as many of the people I harmed throughout life as I could was a top priority as I wanted to find harmony. I know from experience that without harmony my life is a knotted and bundled up ball of stress. I contacted everyone on my list, one way or another. Some of the people on my amends list passed away and others were not safe to contact. As a result, I wrote a letter to those individuals apologizing for where I was to blame. I read the letters out loud to God and burnt them as a symbolic closure. In regards to my other amends, some people I harmed didn’t really care for my apology, actually, they found it unnecessary. A few never responded, while others were surprised and happy. In all circumstances, I had a calm and present manner and I believe it was that manner to be the reason why wonderful opportunities were brought forth to me; such as making friends with my former “enemies”. We now share, smile and laugh together. They are able to accept me and I accept them wholeheartedly.

Accepting others is fairly new to me. The act of acceptance turned out phenomenally, so I tried-and-trued something else with the outer world this year by going from devious to virtuous. I now treat people as individuals and meet them where they are in life, not where I am. Essentially, I accept, understand, hear and see them for the way they are right now without feeling the need to alter them. I treat them virtuously because it comes naturally from living a life of honesty and love. I want to live this way because I know that we are all intertwined in this journey through life, so how I live will have an impact on others—not just myself—whether I want it to or not. Together, we will be able to see each other grow without expectations; true love, as I define it.

By finding harmony and love, I am able to find stillness while chaos occurs around me. I don’t feel the need to be absorbed into the chaos. I find the outer world to be unpredictable causing me to feel chaos. I, however, am predictable and by living in stillness I am able to outshine that very chaos. It is by persevering through stillness while chaos occurs that allows me to think differently about myself and the world around me. I think and see peace now.

Thinking and seeing peace didn’t happen overnight for me. It took commitment, time and energy on my part; which will continue for a lifetime. I have to take personal inventory every day to ensure a life filled with balance, order, rhythm and harmony. If I find that I am intensely trying to control something/someone then I release that control. This act ultimately opens myself up to all the grand possibilities that I never foresaw. If I find that I am holding on to strong emotions then I makes amends and/or release the feelings or thoughts to my Higher Power and another person. For me, life is about love and tolerance of others. It is no longer about bickering or fighting anyone/anything, especially temptation. For today, I live with direction and inspiration from God.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Thursday,



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