How to Resist the Urge to Judge

helping others

“In separateness lies the world’s great misery, in compassion lies the world’s true strength.” -Buddha

First off, know that the urge to judge means I care.  This is how I turn judgement into compassion:

1) Creating a positive mindset; It is my mind that is thinking negatively.  I try to turn the negative thoughts around by thinking of positive solutions.  This enables positivity to radiates from my being to others.

2) Understanding; as in, understand where the other person is in their life presently.  How are they feeling?  What’s going on their life?

3) Setting empathic limits; others are more likely to manage their own impulses and needs when I set limits with empathy.  This in turn, teaching them self-discipline.

4) Acting without reacting badly; through observation, I’ve found that everyone is struggling in life in one way or another.  To deflate that struggle I try to channel positivity to others by demonstrating how to counter-balance my light from dark.  In other words, I show kindness  by modeling what I want others to achieve.  Ultimately, reviving everyone’s being peacefully.

By doing the steps above, I am compelled to find compassion for others.  I know from experience that judging others severs the line of communication.  As you know, communicating with others is all about connection.  If I let judgement get in the way of my connections then I miss out on creating some truly awesome and satisfying relationships.

Resist the urge to judge and give these steps a try next time you find yourself condemning others.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Friday!



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