Honesty, Hope & Faith


“Work hard with honesty.  Life is too short to go it waste.  Make your life meaningful, break your ego, forgive quickly, live truly, laugh loudly, have faith in self and never avoid anything which makes you smile.”  -Anonymous

I find that I am rigorously honest after living a life of denial. I’d rather be temporarily uncomfortable with the truth than convincing myself that what I need, want or believe does not matter. I now embrace my emotions as they come up. I take responsibility for them and work through them without dependencies. These are my feelings and they are caused by my own thoughts. When these thoughts arise, I ask myself, “Why do I feel these emotions? What do I fear?” considering my actions are my responsibility. I take the time to meditate, asking again, “What do I fear?” I listen and wait for my intuition to speak to me—guide me. Everyday I find additional hope that I am blossoming into a person that can stay calm while in chaos. I found honesty and became real—became vulnerable.

Through honesty, I found hope. Where did I find hope? I found hope through prayer. I pray for my negative behaviors and thoughts be redirected to God as He is much better equipped to hold on to them than I. By doing so, I am able to gain empathy and react in a sane manner. I am no longer that crazy women who over-reacts by going into flight or fight mode. Empathy is my foundation for emotional health and it is also my emotional first aide for myself, my family and my friends. And just like honesty and hope, I’m naturally experiencing empathy a little more everyday.

Hope lead me to many discoveries. One discover being the belief that change is possible if I started believing in myself. I thought I was destined to live a life of being uncomfortable and unhappy. I changed my expectations of myself and of what I expected of others by living out my God’s will and things changed for the better. What made me want to change? I was tired of feeling like the victim. I had to change my beliefs in order to find the empowerment I needed. I changed what I believed and discovered that it was time to rock n’ roll in this journey called life! I discovered that I didn’t need/want any outside influences to do this!

Through honesty and hope, I found faith. Faith solved my problems by empowering me to watch for little signs from God. Essentially, I became a good listener. I meditated, stood still and really listened. Plus, I entrusted that God could run things without my help. I don’t need to be the General Manager of the Universe. I really do trust Him to work it all out. The struggles that I’m facing is not my battle. It’s God battle and He will fight in it, not me, because I am his child. All I have to do is stand tall with confidence that He will be there always. God’s character is good-natured and faithful. He will not turn his back on me nor stab me in the back. So grateful to be able to rely on a loving Higher Power who is always by my side.

What are your thoughts on honesty, hope and faith?

Thank you for reading.

Happy Monday,



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