Faith in the Scheme of Life

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”-Voltaire
Faith is what keeps me coming back minute-by-minute.  What about it keeps me coming back for more?  The spiritual unity and openness.  I will admit that my openness takes preparation.  I have my daily devotions that keep me open to witness the wonders of my faith.  I wake up every morning and open my ‘faith eyes’.  I discovered that my ‘faith eyes’ stay wide open when I was able to recognize the God of my understanding in my everyday life; a light that lights up every living creature.  It’s in these living creatures that I am able to see every faithful moment stacked up on top of one another, cumulating progress.  Progress in the sense that acts of kindness are being made through faith.
I’ve come to realize that faith is not a spectator sport.  It takes practice and participation with an open-mind.  I believe taking no action detracts from the purpose of faith.  It takes realization and trust that the eternal reality is close by–calm, cool and silent (silent as a beginning not end) ready to help once again.
So, I take my faith, bend down and pray with words that are not of this world but of the sacred.  I repeat my prayers/mantras until I feel the impulses welled up within subside, and a tingling touch of comfort from my maker.  These prayers/mantras not only help to calm my shaky spirit but also help me to concentrate.  They involve gratitude, a ton of love and adoration.  They also involves putting my desires, needs and wants into the light to see if they are pure and natural.
Whether or not they are pure and natural, afterwards, I feel a sense of relief in my finite self.  Relief because I sense unconditional love from the infinite cosmos around me.  Oh, how I love that feeling!  Lastly, I celebrate with a smile and a spiritual embrace.  I always long for more.  I don’t hesitate to take a moment to indulge in a conversation with the Great Spirit anytime I feel that longing during the day.
Thank you for being.

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