Collaborating with God


“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good.”-Mahatma Gandhi

Several of my friends have told me complementary stories about sacrifice and how it involves hardship, and that it can also be very spiritually enriching when one feels deeply called. It is my understanding that our natural mind is active with the things in our life, and within this activity, our will–so long as it is surrendered–remains our Higher Power’s will; which operates within us. And if we show love for God, with all our heart and strength, then it is in that love that we are able to show a tenderness of heart to all people as we would show to ourselves.

I try not to feel troubled if I cannot understand/feel my Inner Light. I have but one responsibility to Him, and that is to wait and listen. I am being sincere when I discover and live out what I believe to be my Higher Power’s will (or what I feel is inwardly right). There will be moments that I nurture my spiritual life and report long periods of rest, waiting to hear Him, but I must not make my impatience a reason to give up. I have to continue to keep my metaphysical being open to Him for when He is ready; on His time, not mine.

I have to experience all of this first hand in order to understand my relationship with my Divine Being. It is when I am deeply influenced by the echo of God’s will that I catch myself being helpful to others; living by essence and not ego. I have a strong belief that I have to have more than an intellectual belief in religion to connect with the electrifying power of my Higher Power. If I properly attend to my connection with my Inner Being then I am able to deeply transform my wellness, love and life.

Thank you for reading.

Here Comes the Sun,


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