A Granddaughter’s Love


(Ruby Mountains, Nevada; Grandpa Henry’s favorite spot)

My Grandfather passed away a couple of years ago and I wanted to share this poem I wrote for him in remembrance. 🙂

I so enjoyed the visits with my grandfather.
He never made me feel like a bother
Grandpa was compassionate, caring and loyal.
And his garden was proof that he was good with the soil.

If I couldn’t find Grandpa in his chair.
I most certainly could find him elsewhere.
Not far, but working on a car or a truck.
Or chasing his grandchildren around like a happy, young buck.

Who could forget the shock.
When Grandpa took his teeth out and his hand would start to talk.
Oh, how I enjoyed his pranks, his encouraging words and praise.
I will think of him always.

He is now resting in eternity with my Grandma above.
Anyone who knew them could tell you they were in love.
Their reunion must have been peaceful.
Which makes me cheerful.

Grandpa, please save us all a seat next to you in heaven.
Don’t forget to light a beacon.
So we can find our way.
When it is our day.

Until that day, I will remember the cards you sent.
Our conversations will always be reminiscent.
Grandpa, God has blessed you.
And I will always love you.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Friday,



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