“I give you my spirit that you may pray in me.”  – Anonymous

A very warm October welcome to you!

This month’s prayer for peace was inspired by my conversation with God today.  I asked Him to help me create a poem/prayer that would help me understand and appreciate the human condition.  This is what came to me without hesitation:


Worthy of justifiable lessons
Dedicated to official rules
Warranted of lust

Abling us to go forward
Living in this world
of just cause

Destroying the world along the way…

Giving your all in concert
Living life with joy
Vulnerable actions sway judgement

Letting go of things that are too heavy
Wanting to give love away
because it was given for free anyway

Recreating the world along the way…

Virtuous knowledge of the One that we know
Ever surrounding us
Ever knowing
Ever being

As I was typing these words out, I couldn’t help but feel they revolved around our society and how structured it is around the need for structure and not the needs of humanity (ex: america’s judicial system).  I am also being shown that many of us have awoken to a puzzle that needs to be put together.  After it is assemble then do we glue and frame it for display?  What glue should we use?  A glue that offers bondage or one that offers flexibility depending on our condition?  I can’t help but feel that love ought to be that glue.  Think about it, feel it.  Love keeps people together.  Bondage tears people apart jaggedly.

How can we give love so freely that it keeps the pieces together without a sense of bondage?

What does this have to do with peace?

It has everything to do with the Living Presence.  By letting go of the ways/structures that no longer provides abundance with a filling effect, we will be able to forge a way forward that is in tune with all the beauty that surrounds us.

How can we live in accordance with the laws of nature and still find that growth that we so desperately seek out?

By releasing with love the imperious fabric that human beings weaved.  Thus, allowing us to profit from that release.  Instead of carrying around–with gluttony–a heavy frame every day, we could release these heavy structures and awaken to the true equity and happiness that was already created for us.

God Bless,


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