peace in believing

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Roman 15:13

Greetings to the Brave, Humble and Kind,

Jesus helped me pick out the June Prayer for Peace.  It is very fitting to what I’ve been reading lately in religious circles:

“My God,
I pray that I may so know you and love you
that I may rejoice in you.
And if I may not do so fully in this life,
let me go steadily on
to the day when I come to fullness of life.
Meanwhile let my mind meditate on your eternal goodness,
let my tongue speak of it,
let my heart live it,
let my mouth speak it,
let my soul hunger for it,
and my whole being desire it,
until I enter into your joy.” – St. Anselum

I find it rather intriguing that a saint would use the word meditate.  So many people fear to use that word now-a-day as they might be associated with the…wait for it…”New Age” {gasp!}.  I was one of those people until recently.It is comforting to read that St. Anselum is able to meditate on God’s Eternal Goodness.  In my experience, that is all meditation resembles.  Some might call meditation contemplative prayer.  Words change over the centuries, I get that fact.  If you have ever done both before then you know where I am coming from by comparing the two.

I’ve used several meditation techniques.  However, the Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson is by far the best scientifically proven meditation technique I have used and very comparable to contemplative prayer.  He essentially demystified meditation for me but also helped me keep my strong faith.

I would like to disclaim that I meditate using my favorite prayer as my “mantra”.

Now quieting the mind is something I do every day, several times a day.  I find it necessary, kinda like a potty break, eating food or exercising.  Our bodies have needs and so do our souls.  You know what else I find necessary?  Practicing concentration and relaxation breathing techniques.  My friend Gina helped me with that.  And I am very grateful for her service to me.  I will go over that in another post! 😀

What do I get from this prayer and how does it relate to peace?

Meditating in the Christ Light and He will give us passion for eternal goodness in the way we speak, live, desire and love.

I do also have to add that meditation, specifically the Relaxation Response, was scientifically proven to provide inner peace and better health through quieting the mind.

Psychology Today writes in an article dated March 24, 2013:

“…the Relaxation Response can help any health problem that is caused or exacerbated by chronic stress such as fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal ailments, insomnia, hypertension, anxiety disorders, and others.”

The feeling I get when I meditate is like nothing I have ever experienced.  The closest word that I can think of: Heavenly.  I am able to be completely absorbed in God’s Love.  It’s ecstasy.  Actually, for any mystics out there, the feeling of this particular meditation (Relaxation Response) is very similar to the feeling when one bilocates.  No wonder meditation helps relieve ailments from chronic stress.  We are given the chance to swim in God’s pool of youth.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think that meditation would help the peace movement?



P.S. Heaven has been telling me to meditate for a long time now.  I was hesitant at first because several very human religious people told me that it was the devil at work.  Instead of wholeheartedly listening to these people, I did my research and also reached out to Heaven.  I am now one step closer to listening to my intuition as much as I used to listen to my despairs.



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