A Christian FAITH with New Age Abilities

Christian Faith

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” – Romans 10:17

Hello fellow WordPress bloggers and readers!

I heard and recognized a message from God.  The message was on November 22, 2014 and I didn’t recognize it for what it was until today.

The message being that I needed to read and re-read a particular article.  I found this amazing article on the Vatican website.  It was written on February 3, 2003.  I’d like to share it with you now: 

Jesus Christ the Bearer of Water – A Christian Reflection on the New Age.

This article reflects New Age and Christianity.  Plus, they reference centres that we can attend to understand New Age through the Church; yes, I said it–through the Church.  (I’ve been in contact with the Office of Pontifical Council for Culture and they sent me something to share with you, a link to a database that lists out centres around the world.)    

My dear friend wrote to me in response to this article, saying, “Yes there truly is help out there without anyone looking for glorification.”  I completely agree with that statement. Everyone that I’ve ever met that was trying to teach me about my gifts were actually trying to glorify their work and not God’s work.  I even got caught up in promoting another’s work; which ended up taking the glory away from God.  I have learned to be more cautious when taking pity on someone whom doesn’t believe their work is getting the recognition they believe it deserves.  In my experience, if God wants work to be knowing then everything will line up fast and close to flawless.

Like I said earlier, I first read this article on November 22, 2014.  However, it wasn’t until today that I realized finding this article was the message I needed from God.  It’s the truth and you know what they say about the truth?  It will set you free.  

Let me explain how this article was a message (I couldn’t have this experience happen and not share it with my dear friends and readers because this is HUGE.  Plus, I hope this information helps someone out there):

Over the past year, I’ve been in search of answers to lifelong questions.  Many family members and close friends told me that I needed to just listen–REALLY listen–to hear God.  Well, I finally figured out how to not only listen but also recognize when He speaks.  When He answers me it happens quite naturally, except that time seems to stop and the words He wants me to hear (whether it’s in a movie, on the radio or from the mouth of my friends and family) are emphasized, almost as if they are being said in BOLD.  It’s in that moment that I know that a message is being given to me.  Well, that and I get chills all over my body.

Well, that happened as I was watching The Journey Home with Father Bill Kneemiller right around 45 minutes when they discussed the article Jesus Christ the Bearer of Water – A Christian Reflection on the New Age.  

At that moment, I knew this article was significant and that it would help me and others find answers.  What did I get from this article?  The Church really does care for us and wants us to awaken.  They don’t want us to be ignorant or oblivious to the temptations in the world. And that is why they opened Catholic Cultural Centres around the world.

My favorite part of this article (believe me, it was hard to narrow it down) was this:

It is extremely important to check the credentials of people, groups and institutions claiming to offer guidance and information on New Age. In some cases what has started out as impartial investigation has later become active promotion of, or advocacy on behalf of, “alternative religions”. Some international institutions are actively pursuing campaigns which promote respect for “religious diversity”, and claim religious status for some questionable organisations. This fits in with the New Age vision of moving into an age where the limited character of particular religions gives way to the universality of a new religion or spirituality. 

I have never met anyone that can offer guidance and information on New Age without promoting themselves, an alternate path away from church, or without keeping records of personal discussions to be included in their future publications.

You might ask why I would be so happy to find these centres?  Well, like I stated in a previous post: I sense spirits.  I’ve come along way since I started searching for answers, but I want to understand it in more depth, connect with like-minded people and in a Christian way from a good source.  I have faith in the Church and I believe they will be able to guide me better than any other organization.  So, I’m going to forget about new age circles, people that are looking for self-glorification and head to my local Catholic Cultural Centre. The reason I do this: I don’t want to be lured into false worship.

Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “A Christian FAITH with New Age Abilities

  1. True with The Holy Spirit that dwells within me, will direct me into the right direction as well. So much of what I know comes from the teaching of JESUS CHRIST. He gets all the Glory. I am noting nor can do anything without Him. His WORD is the TRUTH. Each time I open my Bible His breath breathe all over me. I know He in my present. I study so I will not be lead astray by False prophets, and their doctrines. That is why we who are Followers Of JESUS CHRIST must spread the True Gospel. Amen!! God Bless you. \O/

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